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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Poetry Bus - Part 2

This is late because I didn't think I was going to get involved this week and then tonight, this cheeky little number (below) just popped out and wants to be heard (seen?) so here it is. Not sure if I've suceeded in combing the 2 challenges - you be the judge of that! ;)

Green Tea - Nicola Tull

There's green tea in my old coffee cup
Organic underpants in my bed
That old hippy thinks I love him
But I'm just playing with him instead

There's another march to go on
Baby elephants to go and save
But I ain't no vegetarian
And now leather is all the rave

No more green tea in my coffee cup
The one that bears my name
We had our high so I say good-bye
Those old hippies are all the same


  1. Hahaha - yes you combined the 2 things very well. I love the whole tone of this, most amusing!

  2. Hey Maud, I think you did succeed very nicely alright, and you're right, green tea is for losers.... well I have dt's if I don't have my coffee anyway :-)
    look forward to seeing you on the next bus

  3. don't give up !.. just added your blog to my list... had a good chuckle at the thought of organic underpants ;-)